Spring has sprung…have you?

A walk to remember

A walk to remember

Ahhhh….Spring.  The time of awakening.  It is amazing to watch the world around you when spring rolls in.  Everything begins to take on color again.  The world around us becomes more vibrant.  You begin to see the birds actively flying all about.  There is a freshness…a …newness that fills the air. It is as if life is slowly being awakened from the long slumber of winter.

Awakening..This is really my topic.  Before I started to write I decided to pull a card or two from my Earth Magic deck for inspiration.  I pulled two cards, Winter Solstice (reflection) and DNA (Karma).  My first thought was that both of these cards were rather odd.  Here it is Spring and I am getting Winter Solstice? However; upon further reading of the cards messages and meanings things started to make sense.

Winter Solstice

Winter Solstice

The Winter Solstice card was the first one pulled.  Even though I initially thought this was a very odd card to pull… we are coming out of the time of deep reflection (Winter Solstice). This period of time where we spent hours, days and months contemplating and reflecting our paths and intentions.  As we awaken into Spring and the Spring Solstice our focus begins to change.  Our intentions are no longer needing to focus on where we have been and what we have done, no…it is more about putting our intentions into action.  It is about taking what still remains, and what we have been dreaming could be, and making it so. We have spent a good part of the winter holed up in our homes.  All the snow and cold many of us have experienced has forced us to spend hours and hours in reflection.  All the hours of reflection has really made us look at the many aspects of our selves…as well as the people in our lives.  This comes through in the DNA card. This reflection enabled us to see what we needed to let go of as well as develop more of.



DNA (Karma) Card.  Karma is so often looked at as a punishment or the just reward for something we have done or not done in our past or current lifetime.  When in reality it is so much more than that. I believe our DNA basically holds our default life plan.  The DNA is …the physical make up of who we are. The basic combination of our two biological parents.  Each one of us has inherited pieces of our parents.  Scientifically we know this to be true…but what about spiritually?  What else is given to us in the cellular make up of the DNA we are provided by our parents? I believe we come with a “story”.  A story that is embedded into our make up.

What I have realized is that we can do one of two things with our life… we can do, nothing. We can let the pre-embedded story that is our life play out.  Meaning that we do no work on our selves…take no ownership of how our futures play out…ignore lessons or opportunity for growth and or change.  Or… we can take hold of our lives and become active participants to what we encounter.  We can strive to become awaken to what can be.  Allow ourselves to dream, and then…act upon those dreams.  Take unchartered paths…explore what we find curious or interesting allow ourselves to realize how much more there really is.

I want to make sure and clarify that the embedded story that I am talking about is not the story per say that we wrote for ourselves before we chose the family we were born into (I will save that for another blog)… no…the story I am talking about is a default story that is in place should we choose not to awaken to our true potential this time around.

When I pulled this card today it said to me that we are to realize that we are more than karma…DNA…we are amazing creatures gifted with free thought.  We have the infinite ability to recreate ourselves over and over.  After spending a very long winter reflecting…it is now time for us to work on creating.  Give yourself permission to rewrite your story.

Spring is the time to wake up…awaken your spirit…embrace the newness of the season. Look around…notice how the act of birth and rebirth appear around every corner. Trees are waking up and forming buds, animals are procreating…There is a newness in the air.

Right about now a single blade of grass begins to awaken…deep withing the soil, a seed of grass begins to stir.  Its dream of becoming a blade has been just a dream until now.  Full of excitement and determination It begins the climb to reach the sun. Start your climb, to reach your light, your sun.  Open yourself up to the new possibilities of what can be.  What new dream are you ready to bring life?

It is time to plant those seeds of intention and embrace those new possibilities you have been dreaming up during hibernation.  Spring has sprung…have you?

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  1. Hi Jackie – You suggested that I rewrite my story last week and I did. I wrote a fairy tale – not something I’ve been prone to believing in but needed to give myself hope for a happy ending. Wow what a difference it’s made! I actually believe it’s possible now and the best thing is that I don’t have to “make” it happen because I feel confident it will just come about however it needs to. Thanks for the suggestion and wonderful insight!!

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