Are you able to see the unseen beauty?

SAM_1273My last short post prompted a thought.  I state that beauty is everywhere, I capture it where ever I go…it got me thinking…some of us are blessed to live in a more “picturesque ” location than others, and some have a natural way of seeing beauty in otherwise “ordinary” things. I would like to challenge everyone to make an effort and look for beauty where it may otherwise go unseen.  Seek out the unseen beauty that surrounds us all.  Notice it in the little things, the big things, all things!

This is a great way to switch the thought process in our minds.  I also want us all to SHARE what we see!!  Help each other notice the beauty that we overlook everyday!  Be creative.  Please post your pictures here in the comments of my blog or, on my Facebook page…my Linkedin pageTwitterInstagram or Google plus account

If you have an Instagram account and would like to post your picture I would love to see it! Just hash tag me #clairvoyantgirl and the title of this little experiment #the_unseen_beauty

4 Replies to “Are you able to see the unseen beauty?”

  1. I never thought of where i live as unseen beauty. I see it as a privileged to live across street from Mille Lacs – I watch the sunset just about every night and it is beautiful. I have a humming bird that visits me daily (i need to take pic of). Here is a link to the bobber cam at hunters point. I walk on their dock just about daily and have been caught on that camera. Will have to post some pics.

    1. LOVE it!!! Thanks so much for sharing. What a beautiful place to live by. I would love to see pictures of the hummingbird…good luck on the photo capture. <3 Thank you so much for the comment.

  2. Beauty is all around us, I think more than anything it is in the eyes of the beholder and the interpretation of the individual. I love trees and the beauty of a tree especially with the naked limbs void of leaves. The silhouette always makes an impression on me. Although this is not the case with pictures with my wife – she enjoys people in her pictures.
    A drive through Michigan in the Autumn is one of the enjoyable aspects of living in this state.
    Thanks again Jackie for opening up our eyes to the real beauty that is always around us.

    1. You are so right, it is in the eyes of the beholder and the interpretation of the individual viewing.

      I just think it is time to challenge ourselves to appreciate and maybe even change our perspective. Alter the label of what beauty is, does it have to match a mold? Can we allow ourselves to see through the label of what something is and notice it for its beauty?

      It is something that I think we can practice with simple things like weeds, rocks, old structures…whatever is around. My hope is that then maybe we can expand from there…begin to see it in each other. Break the mold of what is “expected” beauty. 🙂

      Baby steps to a more appreciative and accepting world.

      Namaste my friend.

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