3 Steps to create a new cycle with the new moon


The Holidays bring many feelings to the surface

The kitchens a mess, the turkey and pies have been cooked and eaten.  As fast as it began Thanksgiving is over.

At this time of the year many of us can have feelings of depression or just being overwhelmed. Commercials seemed designed to make you think you should be doing what they are doing, and make a person tear up or think twice about their life.  Our emotions are amped up and can easily swing out of control.  The holidays can bring many feelings to the surface, and not all of them are ones that we may want to deal with at this time.

The exciting thing is that now, today is a new moon.  A new cycle of time for us to create and manifest.  Dealing with the expectations of what your life should look like during this time of the year is really hard to navigate. If your life, your family does not fit the mold of that on TV or in the ads you see, many start to judge what they do have.  It can seem that everywhere you look you are met with expectations.  My wish for you is to embrace all that you are.  Remember to be true to you.  I am grateful for you.  Remember to be filled with gratitude for what you do have. Gratitude is the key to happiness!

20120908-120711.jpg3 Steps to create a new cycle with this New Moon.

  1. Create a banishing list.  This list can consist of anything you no longer want in your life.  Think big.  What do you feel is no longer serving you or that you no longer want affecting you in your life.  Write it down.  Once written, destroy it!  Burn it, tear it, bury it, freeze it.  Whatever you do let the universe know you are serious, put the energy out there.
  2. A day or two after the new moon write out your Intentions.  What are you wanting to intend for this new cycle of time in your life? Think big and remember be positive!  Unlike the banishing letter you will not destroy this list.  Keep it to remember, and focus it on during this cycle.
  3. Once the full moon cycles around again you will want to write out another list.  This list will be of affirmations.  Affirming what you were able to carry out.

Enjoy this new cycle of time.  Remember you will be doing this over and over.  Don’t get discouraged if your banishing list has the same items on it repeatedly.  Eventually they will drop off.  It is about the process.

Remember I am Your Intuitive Realtor

As a realtor,am an  Intuitive, know that I am here to answer any of your real estate questions.  If you are thinking about a move, and are uncertain, I can help.  I will be able to look at your situation and give you insight and advice.   My goal isn’t about closing the most deals every year, it’s about helping people make the best and most informed decisions for them. I am here to help.


Whatever your stress, whatever your feeling this Season, make sure you find time for yourself.  Meditation is a great way to keep up your energy.   Regardless of how much time you spend meditating it can help bring you back to center and put things into perspective.

As a token of gratitude, I am giving you a 10 minute guided meditation.  Go on, take 10 minutes and try it out.  Use headphones for the best experience.  This was taped last year so bear with the dates.

      1. Special Holiday Thank you Meditation


In love and light, Thank you!



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