Are you ready for hibernation…That time of deep focus and contemplation?

Artwork by Erin Mihalchick

I wrote about the Squirrel quite awhile ago…and what he was preparing us for.  In that post I talked about the “Hibernation” stage.  Here is the link to that post Continue Reading →

What Train are you on?

  I was asked the other day a question that caused me to pause for a moment. The question was; What is it that you do? Normally when we are Continue Reading →

Claircognizance~ The New Normal ~ Part 3

  Sorry for the delay in the continuation of the Clairs.  Like many people my sleep patterns seem to be all messed up right now.  My dreams have been quite intense and my awake Continue Reading →


Frustrating that creating this new website has not allowed me to carry over all my subscribers! 🙁  so…unfortunately if you still would like to follow me on this journey, please Continue Reading →

Acceptance is key

I spent the weekend pondering on what topic to write about. I kept picking up my computer and then just putting it down. I ask for guidance and the word Continue Reading →

When you come into contact with people are you presenting your true self, or do you wear a mask?

  I started thinking about this when I noticed that I have what seems to me as a slightly different presentation of myself, depending on the social situation I am Continue Reading →

Happy Valentines Day!

To all my wonderful Blog followers, thank you for your support and comments! I wish you all love, light and happiness. Please remember this day is not bout who loves Continue Reading →

Do you believe in Magic, in a young girls heart?

Just saying the word magic can conjure up all kinds of emotions. For many negativity is the primary one. It’s ok to watch a magician and call his act magic, Continue Reading →

Think of your dreams as a gift…that you have to unwrap…

Have you ever woke up from a dream to be so confused that as bad as the dream was, you want to go back to sleep to better understand what Continue Reading →

The captivating beauty in release…

This amazing picture was painted by my daughter.  She is truly amazing. I was cleaning out the items I had stored on my computer at work today and ran across Continue Reading →