Armistice Day- A Special Thank You.

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Armistice Day also known as Veterans Day.  Below is a brief excerpt from Wikipedia on the definition of Armistice Day. Armistice Day (which coincides with Remembrance Day and Veterans Day, public Continue Reading →

Guest Post on Automatic Writing: Who’s Telling Me What?

Odyssey of a Monk Cover_Final

As long as I have had my blog it has been about my journey.  Today I want to expand a little and share with you the insight of another. I Continue Reading →

Learning to be the pioneers of our own lives…

  When you think of pioneer…what do you think of?  what images start to come to mind?  Do you think of the wild west?  With groups of settlers looking for the Continue Reading →

When you come into contact with people are you presenting your true self, or do you wear a mask?

  I started thinking about this when I noticed that I have what seems to me as a slightly different presentation of myself, depending on the social situation I am Continue Reading →

Patience + Acceptance + Balance = Harmony

I have been thinking  a lot about patience and acceptance lately. The practice of patience is truly all about balance and practice, and practice makes perfect…right? Perfection can be quite a Continue Reading →

The captivating beauty in release…

This amazing picture was painted by my daughter.  She is truly amazing. I was cleaning out the items I had stored on my computer at work today and ran across Continue Reading →

Effects of Transformation

Today I noticed I was feeling… a bit different, a little off-balance.  I started to worry a bit, as this “different” feeling was feeling a tad bit like detachment, and this got Continue Reading →