My Journey

So you want to know a bit about who I am.  I always thought that I was a complicated person. So complicated that I created a blog to learn about myself!  In reality I had just allowed the expectations of others and society to cloud my vision.  You see the thing is I had just forgotten who I was.

I am Jackie, a mother, a wife, a writer, a clairvoyant and your Intuitive Realtor. I am many things all rolled up in an amazing package!

I have been lucky enough to have found my spirit, my journey has become what I like to call my clairvoyant journey. It’s the process of combining all the amazing facets of myself into an authentic expression of who I am in everything I do. I have stepped out of the proverbial clairvoyant closet and am ready to show the world who I am.

Jackie Mihalchick aka Clairvoyant Girl

Jackie Mihalchick aka Clairvoyant Girl

One of my passions is sharing my views on self, the beauty of learning to look within for understanding and guidance. I love helping others see the symbolic gifts we are presented with in our everyday lives.  I am in my 40′s and married to a wonderful man, who not only tolerates my quirky behavior but supports it. I also have two beautiful children and I live in the foothills of the beautiful state of Colorado.

I am a natural-born Idealist!  What does that mean? Well, I have been questioning things and wanting peace since I came out of the womb!  I believe with all my heart that we can all get along.  I was baptised and had my first holy communion as a Catholic, was confirmed as a Lutheran and taught Sunday school before I was married.  I left the church (not God) when money became more important than the message… and the structure no longer seemed to make sense to me.

I have been clairvoyant all my life, I may not have been aware of my clairvoyance my whole lifetime…but its always been there.  I always like to compare it to a muscle.  We are all born with muscles, right?  But we all don’t end up being body builders do we? No, a body builder spends time working out, strengthening their muscles, growing them. When you don’t work or use a muscle it atrophies…well it is the same with our psychic muscle.  It takes practice to strengthen our abilities, and in time we are able to become much more aware and connected to spirit.  I am psychic / clairvoyant / intuitive, what ever the label and so are you.

All the careers and jobs that I have had, all revolved around people. I starting, and for many years worked in Retail (customer service). After High School I went to school for Cosmetology and worked in the beauty industry for a stint of time. My next career was in Real Estate, I loved helping others find their home.  When my children were young I decided to spend some time at home and work with a “set” schedule so when the time came to go back to work, I went into the banking field and stayed there for 11 years.  I am so excited to now be back in the Real Estate field, where my heart feels at home helping others define theirs.  I understand that a home is more than a structure and that the places we call home come from the energy, feelings and experiences we create there.

I am a “normal” person learning to lead an extraordinary life.  Some of my favorite pastimes are going on Motorcycle rides with my husband, quilting, making tutu’s and exploring the gifts of nature!

You should know… I think faster than I type…so my words are not always precise…I try to use spell check, but sometimes…it just doesn’t happen.

The other thing you should know is that what I write…are my opinions…just that, my opinions and my thoughts and it’s what I perceive in my life. So take it for what it is.

Feel free to leave comments, follow and to encourage me when you can.

I hope you find something that connects with you and please remember to find the humor in life!



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    • Thank you! ! I did make the overall tutus!!! Not a dancer….just highly imaginative…and a free style, style dancer. Lol!!!

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