Readings, Services and Classes

Services I am excited to offer! 

Wine & Spirit night out  &  Angel Card Parties
When you host a private Angel Card Reading Party in your home, I provide you and your guest with some insight in a relax private environment! This is a great way to experience a reading!  Email me today!!!

For an Angel Card Party each guest pays $20 for a 10-15 minute private mini reading. 
For a Wine & Spirit Night out each guest pays $30 and I bring up to 4 Bottles of wine and give each guest a 10-15 minute private reading.

This is a great way to experience a reading as well hear what divine guidance your Angels are longing to share with you. It is your choice a little wine and a lot of spirit or some straight up refreshing insight is what these nights are sure to have in store for you.  Go ahead and email me for more details on how to host a party.

Creative project parties
Have your own Creative expressions party in your home!  Prices vary based on the project.  We can host the party in your home or my office.  Minimum of 5 people to hold a private creative party. See the info below about the Creative Expressions classes.


I offer the following readings in person and distance via email:

  • $60 General Reading –  specific question or an overall look at what your Guides and Angels would like you to know, right now.
  • $75 Angel Oracle or Tarot card reading -In distance readings this includes card images and layout with placement description as well as additional information as it comes in.      
  • $140 Chakra & Tarot combo reading     

If you have any questions about what type of reading may be best for you, feel free to email me as well and we can figure out the best for your current situation or question. My email address is                 


Psychic Reading Enhancement Group/Class

This Class is for those that have had some experience and understanding of their energy. They have tapped into spirit and would love to expand into doing readings for others and for themselves.  In class we will open with a guided energy run, and work on understanding our symbolism.  We will also exercise and practice our reading skills and abilities on each other.  All in a controlled, protected, nonjudgmental environment.  We are all Psychic, Intuitive s, Clairvoyant (whatever label you want to use) we all have this gift. Just like any other muscle we have we need to use it and exercise it to strengthen it and make it stronger.  Please Join us.  Cost is $10 a class.  Check the Calendar for dates, times and location of classes.

Creative Expression Class

I am really excited about this class.  It is designed to help you tap into your creativity and find new and innovative ways to meditate!  Each class will be a project.  Sometimes we may paint, with acrylics or maybe even finger paints. Other classes we will make our own Mala beads or prayer beads.  We will be playing with essential oils, making bath salts or lotions or a special tincture or home remedy, you may even make your own tutu!  The point is to come be expressive and have fun.  Each class will start with a guided energy run and an intention for the class…the day or even the week.  The cost of the class is dependent on the project.  All supplies and instruction will be provided.  This class will need to be paid in advance to hold your reservation. This is so that we can make sure that we will have all the supplies we need for each attendee!!  Information on the cost of class and that particular project will be posted my calendar on the website!  You can pay and reserve your space for a class below or on the side bar of each of my pages on the website.  Some classes will have a size restriction based on the project, so if you like one sign up early!!!

Meditation Class

I am looking for interest and a date to provide a guided meditation and intention setting class to be held once a month.  If you are interested let me know.  I am imagining a 45-1 hour only block of time.  The primary focus would be to run energy as a group and then perform a group guided meditation.  Cost would only be $5.



Reading Descriptions

Angel Oracle or Tarot Card readings –   As a Certified Angel Card Reader with Doreen Virtue, I will take your question and do a card spread using a tarot or oracle card deck depending on what I am guided to do (based on your question). For family and close friends I like to do this to distance myself from the situation and eliminate the confusion of what I know and what spirit is guiding me to disclose. With email readings,  I will also include a print out of the cards, the spread in an easy to read layout for you to keep and reference back to.  A summary is also included at the end of the reading.

Chakra & Angel Oracle or Tarot Card combo reading – This is just what it sounds it is a combination of the Chakra and Angel Oracle or Tarot card readings.  It is a great overall picture of how things are flowing and working together.  It provides a deeper insight to the inner workings of you and the situation.  This is also presented in either a Word Document or a PDF with your Chakras drawn out and images of the card spread.  I include an Mp3 with a detailed description of what I see as well as how it all relates to your original question.


The Reading Process:

I do my reading in a neutral space and focus on reading from the highest of vibrations.  I am led by my guides as well as the guides of those I read.

Once I receive your submitted form and payment arrangements have been made you should expect to receive your reading from me via email within a 72 hour time frame.

  • I ground myself, clear my energy and ask to be connected to your guides.
  • Depending on the reading chosen I will either record an MP3 of the reading, use the Tarot or read your Chakra’s.  This process usually takes an hour.
  • I then type up your reading and email it to you. This process also takes up to an hour depending upon the amount of information I receive and the style of reading I am doing. .



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