Another Mountain Monday in September

Mountain Monday's hike on Arthur's Rock trail

I was so happy to to be able to get out before the rain came through today and enjoy the beautiful season of Fall. The air was crisp and fresh…and Continue Reading →

The Eulogy

A photo I took in Taos At the Pueblo Reservation. The Cemetery

  Sometimes it is all about saying good-bye. BLANK will be sorely missed—both by his host as well as the many fears and blocks he helped to create. He will be Continue Reading →

What happens when you no longer want what you thought you wanted?


              January 2nd started like any other ordinary day for me.  I woke up and went to work.  Of course I had spent the Continue Reading →

Effects of Transformation

Today I noticed I was feeling… a bit different, a little off-balance.  I started to worry a bit, as this “different” feeling was feeling a tad bit like detachment, and this got Continue Reading →