A 20 minute exercise to help you tap into your personal possibilities


The sky is the limit! Have you ever heard that statement?  Do you believe it? Just look at it.  No…really stop… and look at it… look up. It is simply Continue Reading →

What happens when you no longer want what you thought you wanted?


              January 2nd started like any other ordinary day for me.  I woke up and went to work.  Of course I had spent the Continue Reading →

Claircognizance~ The New Normal ~ Part 3

  Sorry for the delay in the continuation of the Clairs.  Like many people my sleep patterns seem to be all messed up right now.  My dreams have been quite intense and my awake Continue Reading →

The Dragonfly and I


About four days ago (while still on vacation) I was getting ready to do some meditating on the deck of the cabin we were staying at.  As I stood on Continue Reading →

Today is a day for release…and letting go of old ideals

In honor of the new moon and the Taurus Solar eclipse tomorrow, I am encouraging all to focus on release.  Release all that is no longer needed in your life.  Continue Reading →

Why I write… Writing contest, check it out.

  What:  In your best, most succinct writing – and in 100 words or less – tell us why you write.  Dig deep.  Why do you continue to put pen Continue Reading →

After looking within…then what? What do we do with what we see?

Hopefully, if anything this week you were prompted to really sit with yourself and examine the inner you. Coming up with what makes you happy is not an easy task. Continue Reading →

Are we alone in our thoughts?

  My daughter text me something  last week that is still bouncing around in my head. “I sometimes forget that other people have things going on in their own life. Continue Reading →