Do you exercise your Fifth Chakra by voicing your Expectations?

Visuddha- fifth chakra

I feel like it is time to talk about Expectations. It seems that no matter who I am talking to the subject of expectations comes up.  This one word seems Continue Reading →

Are you ready to deliver your tomorrow?

I decided to take some time and address this void I have been in. It has been very startling how easily I have been able to slip into a state of nothingness…. I don’t necessarily Continue Reading →

Part 4 of the Clairs~ What am I feeling…Is it mine or yours?

  Clairsentience….. What?  What in the world is this ? Is empathy and clairsentience the same thing? I think that most of us have heard of the term empathy.  When I first Continue Reading →

Check out the new radio show~The traveling Psychic Supper Club

I was a guest on my good friend Deb’s new radio show!! The Traveling Psychic Supper Club Was so much fun!!  check it out on demand in the link below. Continue Reading →

July’s Ask the Oracles Event ~video recap

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To find your balance, throw out the scale…

One of the things I have worked on this summer has been trying to understand what it means to “be” balanced.  Well… actually first I am having to realize what it means to “allow” Continue Reading →

Today is a day for release…and letting go of old ideals

In honor of the new moon and the Taurus Solar eclipse tomorrow, I am encouraging all to focus on release.  Release all that is no longer needed in your life.  Continue Reading →

Sometimes things are not quite what they seem.

Lately, I have been pretty busy and excited keeping current on Facebook, LinkedIn, my blog, creating web videos and developing my new website!  Not to mention taking care of my husband and daughter while Continue Reading →