The Beauty of the Vulture

  As I was on my way to an event Sunday, I was escorted by a flock (otherwise known as a kettle) of turkey vultures.  The first group I spotted was Continue Reading →

The irrelevance of time….

  Have you ever been standing somewhere and just forget where you were going?  Forget what time it was, what day it is? Experience a momentary lapse of time? This has happened to me a Continue Reading →

July’s Ask the Oracles Event ~video recap

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To find your balance, throw out the scale…

One of the things I have worked on this summer has been trying to understand what it means to “be” balanced.  Well… actually first I am having to realize what it means to “allow” Continue Reading →

Trust, like fear appears in all aspects of our life.

Learning to trust.  Trust issues are one of those things that continue to show up in our life. Each of us seem destined to revisit our relationship with trust over and over and Continue Reading →

A message from the humming bird…

The humming bird. As I am sitting here, doing a reading…thinking about blogging, I keep getting the strange feeling that I am being watched. You see, my husband and I Continue Reading →

If Intentions=Manifestations…Then why am I not a millionaire by now?

Let’s talk about Intentions and manifestations. This is something more and more of us are starting to blend into our lives. The thing I am noticing however is that often times we don’t see or Continue Reading →

Clairvoyant Living Series Video 4- Enlightenment


I have been thinking about this word; acknowledgement and how it is such a big word that is seemingly used so sparingly.   When you first hear acknowledgement, what do think Continue Reading →

Everyday Psychic Conference! Join us February 16th!!

          I am pretty excited! I hope you will be able to join us! Together with two other amazing women I have put together a Conference Continue Reading →