This photo I took made me think of life…the unexpected…and our struggle with learning to trust. Life is about learning to trust.  Learning to trust the path you are Continue Reading →

What I learned about life while climbing a mountain.

Mt Beirstadt, Colorado

I am feeling a bit off kilter this week, as well as a little behind schedule.  My husband and I climbed our first fourteen-er,here in Colorado, Mt. Beirstadt on Monday Continue Reading →

Does your life feel like it is currently under construction?


  I have felt very distracted lately.  It seems my thoughts keep wandering and drifting to far away places.  So far that when they return I am not sure where Continue Reading →

What happens when you no longer want what you thought you wanted?


              January 2nd started like any other ordinary day for me.  I woke up and went to work.  Of course I had spent the Continue Reading →

The Door…

Here you see a beautiful door.  Behind this door is a new chapter in your life.  What do you do?  When you come upon change and transition do you boldly go Continue Reading →

Maybe by allowing something to just “be” for now…will result in something bigger than what we could ever imagined before?

I recently stepped outside of my comfort zone and…wait a minute here, who am I kidding?  Recently?  Whatever!  I don’t know about the rest of you, but stepping outside our comfort Continue Reading →

Sometimes we need to step out of our own way, and allow…

I have been working on stepping away from my routine.  I have tried everyday to go outside the box of what I allow my normal day be. I have received messages Continue Reading →

Acceptance is key

I spent the weekend pondering on what topic to write about. I kept picking up my computer and then just putting it down. I ask for guidance and the word Continue Reading →

Good Morning Moon

Funny but I knew today was going to be a good day before I even got out of bed. Granted I could have thought the complete opposite given my sleepless Continue Reading →