Holiday Thank you Meditation for you!


          It finally works.  If you opened this before I am sorry the link was not appearing. I have corrected the link and here it is!! Continue Reading →

Do you sometimes feel like an observer in your own life?

Reflections and observations

  I have noticed lately that I have become an observer of sorts within my own life.  Watching, listening and at times participating.  This seems to be such a new Continue Reading →

What Train are you on?

  I was asked the other day a question that caused me to pause for a moment. The question was; What is it that you do? Normally when we are Continue Reading →

Find out how running energy can help you with your anxiety.

I have been wanting to blog about anxiety. I have noticed a lot of people are starting to feel more and more anxiety than ever.  The Question is why?  Maybe Continue Reading →

The Beauty of the Vulture

  As I was on my way to an event Sunday, I was escorted by a flock (otherwise known as a kettle) of turkey vultures.  The first group I spotted was Continue Reading →

Sometimes we need to step out of our own way, and allow…

I have been working on stepping away from my routine.  I have tried everyday to go outside the box of what I allow my normal day be. I have received messages Continue Reading →

Trust, like fear appears in all aspects of our life.

Learning to trust.  Trust issues are one of those things that continue to show up in our life. Each of us seem destined to revisit our relationship with trust over and over and Continue Reading →

The Dragonfly and I


About four days ago (while still on vacation) I was getting ready to do some meditating on the deck of the cabin we were staying at.  As I stood on Continue Reading →

To find balance we must learn the art of being flexible.

I have been thinking a lot about what it means to be balanced. The word itself keeps popping up in my life.  It comes up in almost all of the personal readings I have, as well as within Continue Reading →