What inspires you?

Mummy Range

  Happy Monday! I hope you enjoy the photo above.  It has inspired me to try to inspire you! I took this photo while on the back of our motorcycle Continue Reading →

Are you able to see the unseen beauty?


My last short post prompted a thought.  I state that beauty is everywhere, I capture it where ever I go…it got me thinking…some of us are blessed to live in Continue Reading →

Hidden lessons.

Balancing river rocks in the desert

I have been guided once again to work on my guided journal that I have wanted to publish. The thoughts have been in my head for a few years…and well Continue Reading →

The Door…

Here you see a beautiful door.  Behind this door is a new chapter in your life.  What do you do?  When you come upon change and transition do you boldly go Continue Reading →

I would be proud to be a goose…how about you?

I keep seeing 4 Geese flying along side of me or right above me, so I decided to investigate a little. I went to one of my favorite sites to Continue Reading →


This date feels really important to me.  Like a stepping stone…to something bigger.  Awareness.  My equilibrium is a tad off today, started last night actually. I am feeling a little Continue Reading →