What are you focusing on?


I have been thinking a lot lately on the art of focus. The various things that captivate us and propel us forward.  Where we place our focus. We seem to Continue Reading →

The irrelevance of time….

  Have you ever been standing somewhere and just forget where you were going?  Forget what time it was, what day it is? Experience a momentary lapse of time? This has happened to me a Continue Reading →

What would you say today…if you could…to your 11 year old self?

Have you ever stopped to wonder what you would have been like had you had the opportunity to meet yourself as a child? I realize this is a really odd Continue Reading →

Fall, the time of the year the colors burn brightly just before they say good bye.

With the beginning of Fall upon us, I thought I would take a different look at the season. My whole life (as far back as I can remember at least) Continue Reading →